a go to [go-to] for all things


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Whats the meaning and translation into Spanish of "go-to" and "all things" in the following sentence:

Bob is Harrison's "go-to" for "all things Japanese".

Maybe "go-to" is for "asesor" (assistant) and "all things Japanese" is for "todo lo referente al Japón"? Thank you.
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    "Go-to" = Harrison tiene a Bob como su única fuente para abastecerse de productos japoneses.
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    The person to whom he goes for help/advice in anything having to do with Japan. I think an assistant would help him more generally.


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    Another example:
    "The group’s go-to lab – which has always been lenient about payment – is on the brink of closure"

    Following your hints, I'm traslating it as:
    "El laboratorio de referencia -que siempre ha sido indulgente con los cobros- está a punto de la quiebra."
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