a go-to-sleep table


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‘Don’t like to see him in his game jersey and Dragons hat, though. I’ll be happy when he’s in a nice pair of county browns. Happier still when he’s in a cell twenty feet from the go-to-sleep table.’
Source: Outsider by Stephen King
Context: The orator is DA Bill Samual who is watching suspect Terry in the interview room through the one-way glass. Next to him detective Ralph. They are at the Flint City police station.

What does a go-to-sleep table refer to? a bunker in a prison cell?

a pair of county browns: prison’s uniform (in brown color)

Thank you.
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    Prisoners who are executed by lethal injection lay on a table where they are "put to sleep."
    "in a cell twenty feet from the go-to-sleep table." = "on Death Row". In a cell for prisoners who have been sentenced to death.
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