a good bit of work

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"You’d have to write on the cakes, answer the phones, take orders,
and keep the place tidy. It’s actually a good bit of work.”

Source: How To Disappear Completely

Background: Someone is asking what all is involved in the job.

Hi, Is it accurate that "a good bit of work" means "quite a lot of work to do" here?
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    Yes, here's the Macmillan dictionary. It's a standard phrase together with a fair bit.

    a good/fair bit
    a fairly large amount of something
    We’ve still got a fair bit to do.
    a good/fair bit of: He’s lost a good bit of weight, hasn’t he?


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    In the TV series Prison Break, when an inmate named T-Bag takes a bolt from the bleachers of the prison from another inmate (Michael), looks at it and says: ''Nice-looking piece of steel; bit of work. You could do some serious damage with it.''

    What does ''bit of work'' mean here?
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