a good master's degree

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quote: "Entry Requirements: A good master's degree in translation studies, in a language and culture subject or other relevant field from a UK university.

Could somebody explain to me what "good" means here? What's the difference between a regular master's degree and a good one? Thanks for your help.
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    I can only assume that the master's degree is graded in some way (normally fail, pass, merit or distinction).
    In that case fail or a pass would not qualify as good.


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    "Good" implies two things:
    1. At a satisfactory intellectual level or of a high quality. (See below)
    2. it may also imply "from a reputable university."
    Master's Degrees may be graded.

    Integrated Masters Degree
    This is graded like an undergraduate degree in that the classification you receive will be either;
    • a first (1st);
    • a second class honours upper division (2.1);
    • a second class honours lower division (2.2);
    • a third (3rd) or;
    • a fail.
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