a good size bathroom

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Which is correct:

1-This appartment has a good-sized bathroom.
2-This appartment has a good size bathroom.
3-This appartment has a good size of bathroom.

I think 1 and 2 work. I don't much like 3, but I don't know if it is acceptable or not.
  • HalloweenHJB

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    American English, Midwest USA
    (3) is very odd, and I have never heard that phrasing before. (1) is best and most acceptable. (2) is not exactly correct, but you do hear people say it. So again, I would use (1) instead of the other options.


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    As stated above, I'm fairly sure 1 and 3 are grammatically correct (with 1 being the one that most people would choose instead of 3), but I don't think 2 is grammatically correct (even though you will find people saying and writing it that way). And even though it is unrelated to your question, I also just wanted to point out that "apartment" is spelled with only one P.
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