A grammatical problem

John Kent

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Hi my friends!

There is a sentence: God is incarnated in an ordinary and normal flesh, nothing supernatural about it.
My question is: In this sentence, must the word “with” be added, that is, with nothing supernatural about it (especially when it is used in movie conversation)?
  • wandle

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    I'd read that as "there's nothing supernatural about it".
    Does that not extend the reference too far? The sense requires that it is just the flesh that has nothing natural supernatural about it, not the alleged process as a whole.
    must the word “with” be added
    No, in colloquial English it is clear enough. 'With' could be added, but it is not necessary.

    For full precision what is needed is a relative and a verb, to create an adjectival clause: '... normal flesh, which has nothing supernatural about it'.
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