a grand a pop.


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What does it mean?
Here is the context: "As long as the figure was below $1,000 per code,
Fontaine didn’t flinch. A grand a pop. Chad chuckled. "
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    'A grand' means 1000 dollars. 'A pop' means something like 'per one...' In this case, I think from the context that the sentence means 'One thousand dollars per code'.

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    Whatever the code was--whether it was someone's bank code, or a password to an account--whatever it was, Fontaine was willing to pay for each one--if they cost less than $1000. Chad chuckled, or laughed. We don't know why Chad laughed--maybe it was because Fontaine was so rich that he could pay up to $1000 for each code that he bought. Maybe he chuckled because Fontaine was a fool for paying so much for codes that would not render that much money in return. Maybe he chuckled or laughed because it was like "fishing in a barrel," $1000 was cheap for what Fontaine was getting in return.
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