a gray area joining the neurology of speech versus music

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Hi there,

I have some problems grasping the meaning of this sentence:

"there is a gray area joining the neurology of speech versus music"

Does it simply mean "joining the neurology of speech AND music" or does
it have some other meaning I don't know?

Thanks for help

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    An area of study, a concept, a moral standard, etc. generally has defined boundaries between right and wrong. However, if someone is doing something that is questionable as to whether it is right or wrong, then it is said that the person is working in a "gray area." In this case, the neurology of speech and the neurology of music may be well understood individually, but any results from joining or contrasting the two apparently are not well understood, so doing so is considered a "gray area."

    suzi br

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    I am at a loss to see why joining and versus are used there.
    What are the surrounding sentences? The context might help us to shed more light on it.
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