a gray car knitted itself out of the gray fog


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What does the bolded expression below mean?
Other sirens were rising from other parts of the city, but judging from the sound, Rob guessed their ambo was closest to the scene. A cast iron light had begun creeping into the air, and as they wheeled out of McDonald’s and onto Upper Marlborough, a gray car knitted itself out of the gray fog, a big sedan with a dented hood and badly rusted grille.
Source: End of Watch by Stephen King

Would emerged be an euphemism for knitted itself in this context?

Thank you
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    I agree. Is there no limit to Stephen King's creativity?

    Knitted? He obviously never has knitted, it is a slow business. It would take a lifetime to knit a car ... however slowly it came into view, knitted seems an unlikely metaphor!
    I think it may have been influenced by the expression "knitting fog" - which is not much easier than sawdust plaiting. (But that's another thread).
    So it's not so far-fetched. It would take a car a long time to knit itself out of fog!
    Interestingly, I can't find another WR thread on "knitting fog".
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