a great amount of money / a great deal of money

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Good morning,
Having a look at an exercise from a book in which we have to fill in gaps in sentences with one word such as piece, bit, deal, amount, number, etc there is a sentence that is like that:

I paid a great deal of money for that car

As amount also made sense to me, I checked the key of the book and they also provide the answer with deal. Then, I checked on the web and I saw in some places that it is also possible to say a great amount of money in this context.

Therefore, is it possible to use both deal or amount in this sentence? If so, can anyone tell me if there is any difference in meaning or are they interchangeable?

Thanks a lot,

  • Parla

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    I agree with E2efour as to which expression is more common. But "great amount", while probably less commonly used than "great deal" is nevertheless used, sounds natural, and is not incorrect. There are, in fact, several grammatically correct answers to that exercise: deal, amount, sum, and probably others I can't think of at this moment.

    Did the exercise ask you to give the most widely used word (how were you supposed to know that?), or simply a correct one?
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