a great asset "for / to" something/someone

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“Brandon’s north country roots and experience will be a great asset to the team,” Rapids co-owner Mike Schell said in a press release.
(Local collegiate baseball: Watertown Rapids hire new general manager in Potsdam’s Noble - Matertown Daily Times)

“Ms. Gilliam will be an excellent addition to our team,” said Commerce Director Jeffery Sayer. “Her strong leadership, her proactive and partnership-focused approach, and her experience will be a great asset for our team and for our state. We are excited to have her join our effort to accelerate employment growth and business creation for our great state.”
(Idaho Commerce Department Names New Economic Development Officer - StateImpact)​

Do "a great asset to something/someone" and "a great asset for something/someone" mean the same thing?
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    I personally have never come across 'to be an asset for something/someone' and am unable to find it in any dictionaries online but the fact that you have found this example means that some people do use it. That said, I suggest you use 'asset to'. That way you will never be wrong.


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    It depends a lot on the context:

    To and for both express a different purpose in regard to their the object - to = devolving onto the subject; as far as subject is concerned; for expresses for the benefit of the subject.

    I gave a book to John
    I baked a cake for John

    An asset can be an intangible or an attribute of some sort and "his experience is an asset to the team"
    or it can be tangible: "The new fire-engine will be an asset for the town."

    "You are a mechanic, and that new machine may be an asset to you, but I am a florist and it isn't an asset for me."
    They are a bit similar, and kinda mean the same, but look if someone says:
    •That's a good asset to me - means that the person is giving his point of view
    •That's a good asset for me - means that it is good for something or someone

    •She is a good asset to the state - the state thinks she is good = point of view
    •She is a good asset for the state = she is a good resource for the state (she is like a "gift" becuase is for someone/something in this case is for "the state"


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    I agree with london calling that it’s standard to describe someone or something as an asset to a business, political party, etc. (And all 21 of Oxford’s usage examples use “asset to”.)
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