A great deal of wine / Quite a lot of wine

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    Why is A great deal of wine more than Quite a lot of wine ?
    Hi... sorry for the delay; I was making my way home from the office.

    To me (remember those two words), a "great" deal will only be more, while "quite" can be both more or less when you hear it spoken.

    I'm quite all right. Am I really all right, even better than all right? Or am I modifying it slightly to say I'm nearly all right. You would have to hear and see me to really know. It could go either way. Same with It's quite fine. Is it really fine, even better than fine, or are you just bored with shopping and want to do something else?

    But... There's a great deal I don't know. No inflection needed... you know that there's a whole lot of things outside my knowledge and experience.
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