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a great holidays / great holidays

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Grammar / Gramática Español-Inglés' started by xemaa8, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. xemaa8 Senior Member

    Valencia - España
    Spanish - Spain
    Hi everyone!

    I would like to say 'I hope you had (a) great holidays', but I don't know if should use the 'a'. Personally, I wouldn't use it because holidays is plural, but 'I hope you had great holidays' sounds a little odd to me. Plus, I keep seeing 'I hope you had A great holidays' on the Internet, which is why I'm confused.

    Any linguist / philologist out there?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Wandering JJ

    Wandering JJ Senior Member

    British English
    I would say either:
    'I hope you had a great holiday', referring to a vacation, or,
    'I hope you enjoyed the holidays', when referring to religious or public holidays, such as Easter and Christmas.
    If you see *'I hope hope you had a great holidays', then rest assured that this is incorrect.
  3. xemaa8 Senior Member

    Valencia - España
    Spanish - Spain
    I see, thank you so much Wandering JJ!
  4. angloparlente1 New Member

    Hmmmm well in Ireland and I think the rest of the English speaking world we would say : 'I hope you had a great holiday' normally 'holiday' is singular. Hope that helped.

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