a greater degree: в большой/большей степени

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  1. Baterflai Senior Member

    Spanish - Basque Country

    Can anyone explain the difference between "в большой степени" and "в большей степени" ?

    This is the sentence I need to translate:

    Terrorist attacks have given rise to a greater degree of Xenophobia and Islam phobia in Russia.

    How can I convey the comparative meaning?

    thanks !
  2. estreets Senior Member

    The comparative meaning is "в большей степени"
    Большая is the positive degree
    Большая is the comparative degree
    In this particular phrase I would not use в большей степени or something of this kind, I would say привели к увеличению ксенофобии or something of this kind.
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  3. Baterflai Senior Member

    Spanish - Basque Country
    So, "в большей степени" = to a greater degree
    and "в большой степени" = to a great degree

    Is that right?
    Many thanks !
  4. estreets Senior Member

    I think so. At least as a native speaker I speak this way. Prepositions may differ, but the degrees of comparison are as you put them.
  5. Baterflai Senior Member

    Spanish - Basque Country
    ok. thanks again :)

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