A Greek tombstone from Old Russian Cemetery


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This tombstone comes from an Old Russian Cemetery in Bakhchisaray (old crimean-tatar capital), which is in Crimea (today it's part of the Ukraine). What's interesting about this cemetery - it started as a burial place for soldiers that died in the Crimean War 1853-56 aka the Eastern War - but it has various types of tombstones, many different types of crosses (orthodox christian, catholic, etc.) carved in stone all around. Just across the road from the cemetery there is a much older Armeian Cemetery and ruins of an ancient Armenian Church. The Crimea is known as a place where many nations lived as neighbours. Lived together - buried side by side..
So I wonder - what is written on that very tombstone - obviously in Greek? I'll be grateful for any help.

Here's the link:

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    A foreigner,
    Here I lie
    From the island of Chios I come;
    Stanger, if you want my name
    it's Kelaidis Vlatas
    b. 1833
    d. 1918

    Very interesting sasharun, thanks


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    Thank you so much! Interesting, indeed, how could a person born on Chios end in Bakhchisaray? Most of the Greeks lived in Balaklava near Sevastopol and were fishermen...
    THANKs again for the translation!
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