A green chili has come to my mouth



Suppose you're in a restaurant, having dinner and busy talking with your partner at the same time. You have a curry in front of you, full of spices and green chilies immersed in it. You take a piece of bread, after dipping it into curry, you take it in your mouth. After having given the first bite to that piece, you suddenly speak: (as you are busy in conversation, you don't have the idea that you are taking a green chili into your mouth.)

Oops! A green chili has come to my mouth - it burned my mouth.

Is the bold what you would say? If not, what would you express this feeling?

Thanks a lot
  • PaulQ

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    A green chili has come to my mouth :cross:

    "Aaaah! I've got a green chili. It's really hot."

    Hermione Golightly

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    Assuming you are capable of speech with your mouth full of green chili, you can say "Ooops! I've got a mouthful of green chili!"
    (I think 'Ooops' would be too 'mild' an exclamation, for the situation!);)
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    Your tongue doesn't bite anything – your teeth do the biting. Your tongue does the suffering.

    All of these explanations are unnecessary – we all share the experience of biting into a hot chili.

    You little ripper!

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    Since it's bad manners to speak with your mouth full, you would suffer the pain in silence until you'd swallowed and then scream, Bloody hell! I just got a green chilly!
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    So, this is the kind of curry that has whole chilis in it that you aren't meant to eat, right? Not the kind that has chopped roasted chilis that you are meant to eat. Just making sure I have the right context; I usually eat the latter kind, but this statement would be entirely different in that case, I think.

    I would say (after removing the chili from my mouth into a napkin as discreetly as is commensurate with speed) "Sorry, accidentally ate a chili." The apology is for the rudeness of spitting food out.
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