A grocery (or grocery store) open (or opened) till midnight?

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A couple of questions:

I'm describing a scenery - can you say: a pub in the corner, a car is passing by, a grocery (or a grocery store?) open (or opened?) till midnight.

Thanks a lot
  • Archilochus

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    describing a scene

    A pub on the corner
    A car is passing by -- ok
    A grocery store open 'til midnight (grocery story is more colloquial, in the US anyway. I don't know about the UK; 'til is short for until)


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    Spain - Spanish and Catalan
    You say that 'grocers' is more common - thanks, but sorry for insisting: is 'a grocery' (without 'store') wrong? or is it just less common?



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    I would not say that grocery (by itself) is wrong, just as you say less common.

    I'm surprised at this answer.
    I have never heard 'a grocery' to mean the shop where you buy food etc.
    In BrE 'grocery shop' would be more common than 'grocery store'.
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