A. Guaqueta, written communication

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Hi, this is not the typical question raised here but maybe someone can help me. I need to know what does the phrase between parenthesis refer to in the following sentence. Its part of an article about site-level grievance mechanisms:

If companies adopt an “attitude of assistance” (A. Guaqueta, written communication) by assuming that the complainants’ motives are genuine and take the appropriate actions to help, then trust will be built.

I looks like somebody's name and his or her publication, but I can't find it anywhere
If someone could guide me a little bit I would really appreciate it
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    Where did you see this, Tam87?

    In academic writing, people are careful to name the source of quotations and of any information that is not part of general knowledge. Usually the source will be a published article or book. Sometimes, however, the source will be a private letter. In this case, they use this format to acknowledge their source. It appears to me that A. Guaqueta wrote this in a letter to someone, perhaps the author.
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