a gusto y piaccere

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  1. _gissy_ Member

    spanish argentina
    Hola. Tengo que traducir esta oración y me resulta difícil porque tiene una frase en italiano que si bien creo que no tiene traducción no se como ponerla. El original es este:

    "En este producto los límites los pone solo usted, y nosotros trabajamos a gusto y piaccere suyo."

    Que les parece esto?

    You set the limits to this product and we work for you a gusto y piaccere

  2. Fernita

    Fernita Senior Member

    Buenos Aires-Argentina
    castellano de Argentina.
    'It's only you who sets the limits to this product and we('ll) work to please you.'

    I don't like the underlined words very much.

    Let's wait for natives.
  3. _gissy_ Member

    spanish argentina
    Yes!! that's better, thank you
  4. Txiri

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    USA English
    I think it´s fine. I would tweak the beginning, however, thus:

    The only limits to this product are ones you yourself set, and we work at your pleasure and piaccere".

    I will confess, however, that "piaccere" may not be universally understood by English speakers ... does that matter?
  5. _gissy_ Member

    spanish argentina
    I think it doesn't matter.The person who wrote the original told me she liked that word ( Why?)

    Anyway, I like your sentence Txiri

    Thank you both

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