a guy with a great deal of starch

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Timmy, who had listened patiently, said,
"I don't believe a word of that story because it would take a guy with a great deal of starch to pull it off!"

I would be grateful if you could explainn to me what it means.^^
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  • LaVache

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    Hello! I had never heard the word "starch" used in this context either.

    According to dictionary.com, "starch" can also mean "vigor, energy, stamina or boldness."

    Timothy doesn't believe the guy did whatever it is because he lacks "vigor, energy, stamina or boldness."

    Hermione Golightly

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    I have never heard 'starch' used with this meaning.
    Please always give us the source for any quotes. It helps us to help you and it's interesting to learn something new.:)
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