a hair lock [on a drawer]


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Hi, everybody.
Could you help me.
I found a phrase which I couldn't understand.
"In the spare bedroom, dawn fell on the pickled-ash wardrobe. Greta had given the top section to Lili. The bottom drawers were still Greta’s, shut with a hair lock."

What is "a hair lock" here?
I have some guesses:
1. a hair lock = a hair grip
2. the word hair is used here as an adjective and means "very small" = a very small lock
3. a hair lock is a piece of artificial or natural hair like a chignon and it is put in the crack of the drawer to shut it tightly. But in that case we can see here not only one drawer but drovers.

I'm confused.
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    Hello, Lena.

    Where did you see this? We ask you to name the source of every quotation. Tell us something about Lili and Greta, How old is Greta?

    This is possible only if Greta is a child. This is a trick to check whether someone has opened the drawer: moisten a hair and put it across the opening of the drawer where no one will notice it. Let it dry. You will know that someone has opened the drawer because the hair will fall off.
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    This is "The Danish Girl", chapter 15, at the very beginning.
    Greta is a wife. Lily is her husband Einar who likes to wear Greta's clothes.
    So, your version has sence.
    Thank you very much, I wouldn't have guessed.
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