A half-bare cat

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Hi again!
Can a cat be half-bare?
This cat was left in the city of Pripyat at the time of the evacuation. It hadn't been fed for a long time. I think it was also ill. Because of these two reasons, the cat had lost half of its hair. Is it possible to say it was half-bare? Or there's more understandable way to say it than this one?
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    When I read the title, what you suggested came to my mind - a cat missing about half its fur; I therefore would say that "a cat can be half-bare."

    It is not a phrase that I would use regularly, but one that I would be happy to read or hear once or twice.


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    As PaulQ said, half-bare is correct and understandable.

    If, for some reason, you dislike "half-bare" you might consider "half-naked" (figuratively), or use "mangy" or "mangy-looking" which do not specify the exact degree of hairlessness and which may assert something untrue (the cat may be partially hairless for some other reason).
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