a half/half a teaspoon of salt ?

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  • heypresto

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    Both are grammatically correct but 'half a teaspoon of salt' is, I think, more the more natural and more common way of saying it.

    It might be different in AE?

    Having said that, I think you would see '1/2 tsp salt' written in a printed recipe - which is a sort of mixture of the two.


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    "Half a teaspoon" treats the teaspoon as a unit, saying that we should use half of that unit.

    "A half teaspoon" treats the half-teaspoon as a unit, saying that we should use one of it.

    To answer your question as to which is correct: The traditional unit is the teaspoon, not the half-teaspoon - so the first version is correct. However, measuring spoons come in fractional sizes, and most sets include a half-teaspoon measure, so the second version is correct.

    This AE speaker says you can use either one.
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