a Hamilton-inspired afternoon tea


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I was reading an English magazine, here's my question:

For a Hamilton-inspired afternoon tea, you can visit the Lobby Lounge in the JW Marriott Chicago--it has a high tea menu featuring sweets that Hamilton loved in post-revolutionary America, along with savory elements influenced by his upbringing in the British West Indies.

Source:Welcome to the Windy City: By Sheryl Nance-Nash, Oyster.com

What does "Hamilton-inspired" mean? Does it mean "Hamilton invented this tea"?

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    No, it means it has elements that were inspired by Hamilton.

    The sentence says it includes sweets he liked and savoury items influenced by his British West Indies upbringing, which he probably liked and ate regularly. Those things were chosen to be served as part of the meal because of his connection to them and therefore the tea is inspired by him.
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