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1) If the interviewer asks me “What will you bring to our company?”,which sentence can I say?
2) Are both sentences polite?

I would like to bring your company a hard working future accountant.
A hard working future accountant is what I will bring to your company.

My opinion:
I think sentence 2 is not as polite as sentence 1.

I need to 3 years of work experience so as to qualify and I have no experience now.

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    I don't think you understand the question. They are asking what personal traits and attitude will you bring to the company that another person will not? Sentence 2 is the better answer, but you have to assume that every person interviewing for the job will have an appropriate education and a desire to succeed. There are a variety of answers you can give, but in every case, you need to explain why you are unique and why you would be a valuable addition to their company. You need to tell them about your attention to detail, your burning desire to work in a particular market or type of accounting, how you always improve everyone's mood, or how you have an extensive knowledge of the accounting software they use.

    They are asking you to set yourself apart from other candidates, and they are giving you an opportunity to sell them on hiring you.

    This is also your chance to state why they would be better off hiring you than hiring someone with three years' experience. I would have a good answer ready.


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    Who is the hardworking (one word) accountant? You sound as though you're acting on behalf of a third party.

    If, on the other hand, the interviewer wants to known what you, as a prospective employee, will bring, he or she is not talking about you, but about skills and work habits.

    So, you don't want to get so wrapped up in politeness that you sound as though you're avoiding the question. If, indeed, it is you, you might respond with:

    "I bring a thorough knowledge of accounting, dedication, good work habits, etc."
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    I suggest that you make a list of every thing that you can honestly claim will make you a good employee, and then go through the list and pick out three or four that seem the most important and the most special about you. A friend may helpful when you do this.

    In your answer, you should emphasize the ones you selected.
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