a heart to forgive


1-Do you have a heart to forgive.

a-Do you have a heart than can forgive.
b-Do you have a heart to forgive with.

Grammatically speaking, does "1" correspond to "a", to be"b" or to both?
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    Do you have a heart to forgive means if you are kind enough to forgive, so it corresponds to both a & b, however, it's not grammatically correct to end a sentence with a preposition. So if you are writing formally in English, I would not recommend using b. Also, don't forget that these are questions so they require "?" after and not a period.


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    You can say "Have a heart!" or "have the heart to ...", i.e. in this case:
    Do you have the heart to forgive?

    "have the heart to" is an idiom which must be kept intact to preserve its meaning. I think that neither (a) nor (b) does justice to it.
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