a heavy guardsman’s tread.

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Could someone please help me for I don't get the meaning of this idiom " a heavy guardsman’s tread." in a text from
Frank O’CONNOR, The Ugly Duckling, 1957. The sentence is a description of a woman: "She scowled, bowed her head, and walked with a heavy guardsman’s tread" Does it mean -elle piétinait comme un garde- I don't think so.
Thank you for your help.
  • sebnever

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    Literally a heavy guardsman's tread means une lourde semelle de garde (semelle de chaussure)

    My suggestions:
    - Elle grimaçait, inclinait la tête, et marchait avec le pas lourd d'un garde
    - Elle grimaçait, inclinait la tête, et piétinait
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