a heavy load of beautiful baggage


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Hello everyone:

What does "a heavy load of beautiful baggage" mean in following sentences? cultural baggage?

Spanish also comes with a heavy load of beautiful baggage that will smother any journalist writing in English. The Spanish language is a national treasure, justly prized by Spanish-speaking people. But what makes it a national treasure is its long sentences and melodious long nouns that express a general idea.

Here are meanings from the wordreference online dictionary. My choice is #6.
baggage /ˈbæɡɪdʒ/n

  • suitcases, bags, etc, packed for a journey; luggage
  • an army's portable equipment
  • informal old-fashioned a pert young woman
  • an immoral woman or prostitute
  • irish informal a cantankerous old woman
  • informal previous knowledge and experience that a person may use or be influenced by in new circumstances: cultural baggage

The source is from
http://theamericanscholar.org, and the link is this page.
Thanks in advance.

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