A heavy meal


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Hi. I looked up "heavy" in the phrase "a heavy meal" and I got "very rich and hard to digest".

So does this refer to meals/food that is high in fat/oil/lipid? Like KFC and such? What constitutes "richness" in food? A lot of carbs and fats? And what qualifies for "hard to digest"? Fibres are hard to digest however I don't think one is supposed to say that veggies are "heavy".

I hope this post doesn't sound too scienc-y to qualify as a legit language question. I just don't know where to turn.

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    In addition to being "rich", a heavy meal would also usually include a substantial amount of food. A snack of pate de foie gras on a cracker is rich -- but if that is all you are eating, it is not a heavy meal.
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