A heavy practice session which takes your breath away


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I would be thankful if someone could help me with this question. Imagine you have had a heavy practice session in a gym in the manner that after the workout you need to catch your breath. What do the AmE natives would call such a practice?
To make it clearer I would translate what we call such a heavy type of practice in Farsi and then please help me find the nearest equivalent for that in AE. We say:
- It was such a breath-taking practice.
Does the adjective "breath-taking" sound natural to you or you have another alternative for that?
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    Do not use "breathtaking", it means "really astonishing; absolutely amazing; astounding, etc."

    An AE speaker will come along and advise further.


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    I would say it was a high-intensity workout. Exercise routines are often characterized as low, moderate or high intensity bsaed on heart rate, breathing rate, ability to talk while exercising, etc.
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