<a hefty amount/hefty amounts>


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Which one is correct <a hefty amount/hefty amounts>? Since buildings is a plural noun hefty amounts of money is correct, right?
People do not need to pay <a hefty amount/hefty amounts> of money for the maintenance of buildings

  • EdisonBhola

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    What if the context is this:

    When signing up for various online forums, we need to provide (a huge amount/huge amounts) of private information.

    Are the two the same in meaning?


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    When maintaining a building, I assume various amounts of money are paid to several different entities - the landscapers, the janitors, the window washers, ...
    "When signing up for various online forums," you likely give a different amount of information to each (each forum doesn't ask you exactly the same questions) so "huge amounts".
    The structure of the rest of the sentence and the assumptions drawn from context inform our decisions on whether a plural is needed.


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    Thanks a lot. So am I right to conclude that "huge amounts of" and "a huge amount of" are correct; which one is more correct would depend on context. "Huge amount of" (without "a") is always wrong because "amount" is countable.
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