a [helmet/mask] is good for you / [helmets/ masks] are


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Which do native speakers say to talk about helmets and masks in general?
The mask here is the kind that can filter virus and small particles in the air.

"A [helmet/mask] is good for you. / [Helmets/masks] are good for you."

I think native speakers use the plural form in a sentence like "I like wearing hats." and "I like apples." so I guess the plural version is correct to talk about things in general.

I googled and it seem as though many results for "...a helmet is...." are parts of longer sentences, not just a sentence by its own.

Thank you.
  • Myridon

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    The mask itself is not beneficial to you. Wearing the mask in certain situations is what provides the benefit. It would be hard to make a very simple sentence.


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    So, you mean the mask and the helmet?

    Also, do you use " is/are good for you" for food or vitamins you can take?


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    British English
    We commonly use the plural - as in:
    "The face masks that people are seen wearing in the street are useless for protecting them from virus particles."
    For a simpler sentence:
    "Face masks are very good for their manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers."

    But there is no simple rule. Some things are plural, others have to be singular:
    "Multivitamin supplements are claimed to be good for you."
    "A balanced diet is good for you."
    "Guinness is good for you."
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