a highly visible cheerleader for the franchise


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Hello,everyone.Can you help me with this translation?
In this paragraph,how do you translate this phrase into Chinese?

The context is here:

"Unbeknownst to Save our Sailors, however, Irwin Toys had already ponied up the money to get those 17 episodes finished. I feel like, after Irwin stepped in, Sailor Moon’s future was secured, but even so, Save our Sailors was a good rallying point for curious fans and highly visible cheerleader for the franchise in the late 90s. "

If you want more ,you can jump to this site(the third paragraph blew the third picture)http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/the-mike-toole-show/2012-07-15
  • I am not so familiar with cartoon business, but I gave it a quick check on that paragraph, and I think that sentence means,

    虽然Save Our Sailors的命运还未可知,但是Irwin Toys已经凑够了完成那17集的钱。我感觉自从有了Irwin Toy的介入,Sailor Moon的未来也有了保证。即便如此,Save Our Sailors在90年代末也是一部在好奇的Fans里很有号召力,排头兵(or 风头浪尖)似的作品。
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