a highly water-efficient means

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  1. Pranam Senior Member

    here is commercial translation from English to French

    i am having problem translating this expression :highly water efficient means

    here is the text
    Drip irrigation is a highly water efficient means of irrigation that can be used and operated by small farm holders.
    my version is : La micro-Irrigation est un moyen efficace de l'eau fortement de l'irrigation qui peuvent être utilisés et exploités par les petits fermiers.

    please help me

    thanks a lot
  2. misterk Moderator

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    The problem arises because the text is badly punctuated. It should be "a highly water-efficient means..." - i.e., a means or method that is very effective at conserving water.
  3. Olof

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    - La micro-irrigation est une technique d'irrigation très peu consommatrice en eau....
    I think it is quite difficult to translate literally.
    We could try : une technique d'irragation avec un très bon rendement en eau... which would be closer to the English but it doesn't sound very well.
  4. Mauricet Senior Member

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    ou une technique (d'irrigation) très économe en eau.

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