a história do mundo ... corrigida por poetas

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The dis-biography of Manoel de Bairros, Só Dez Por Cento É Mentira, has a part at the end where there is a good quote but I can't understand all of it, can you help me out? It's on youtube, video id v=erEC6ozKSqU, and Fausto Wolff is talking and at 1:14:17 he says:

a história do mundo era feito por generais, por guerras,
[ ???] era corrigida por poetas,
que vem antes
que sabe antes

but he mumbles too much and I don't know if I'm hearing it right.

Thank you
  • chiriones

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    Thank you, Erick404. I was having a hard time because it sounds like he says "pero" instead of "mas" - like portunhol.

    the history of the world was made by generals, by wars,
    but is corrected by poets
    that come before
    that know before

    The meaning seems simple but is a little confusing because how can poets come before and correct afterwards, know before and correct afterwards?
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