a holding camp for festival musicians

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Hi everybody,

I’m not sure I’ve correctly understood the meaning of the above in the following context. Indeed, the dictionary translation of “holding camp” is “camp de détention” but I’m not sure it works here (it takes place at Woodstock festival ’69):

“The hotel appeared to be a holding camp for festival musicians.”

My try:
“L’hôtel ressemblait à un camp de détention pour les musiciens du festival.”

Thank you in advance for your help!
  • Novanas

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    The writer might possibly mean "un camp de détention", and is using the term facetiously. On the other hand, if you google "holding camp", you'll find the term used in connection with sports: e.g., an Olympic team might be going to a 10-day holding camp before the Olympics actually start.

    So my guess is that he means this is a place for the musicians to stay and practice and get ready for their concerts before they actually go to the festival. But perhaps the context will make it clear which is meant.
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