a Hong Kong publisher and bookshop which also [produced] items critical of China's leaders


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The quotation comes from HK journalists jailed in China for 'illegal business' - BBC News

Quotation: Hong Kong's South China Morning Post said the defence had argued that only eight copies of the magazine were ever sent to China, and only to friends of its publisher.

The sentencing follows the disappearance of five booksellers connected to a Hong Kong publisher and bookshop which also produced items critical of China's leaders.

The men later turned up in Chinese detention - one is still being held.
Hi everyone! I'm unsure about the meaning of the word "to produce" here. Does it mean "to publish", "to sell", "to exhibit"? I have no idea. :confused:
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    I could "write an article" but I would not say I "produced an article" until it was published or otherwise distributed (via the Internet, for example).
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