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“There’s no denying that Australia is a host to some of the world’s most exotic wildlife, from the quirky platypus to the infamously gigantic spiders. “

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How can I interpret “host” here? I think I have found the definition. However, I don’t understand the connotation. Does it imply that the wildlife originally comes from Australia?


1.3An area in which particular plants or animals are found.

Host | Definition of Host by Lexico
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    A host is someone who offers food and protection for someone on their property.
    Australia offers food and protection for some of the world’s most exotic wildlife, on its property/land.


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    ...Australia is a host to some...

    The "a" could be omitted: "...Australia is host to some...".

    Incidentally, "host country" is a common collocation.
    The host country, Japan, laid on a spectacular reception for rugby fans from all over the world.