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what does "hot" mean when referring to a person ("he is hot")?
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    We need more context to be sure. Where did you see this? What was being discussed?

    One possibility is that he is very sexy, sexually appealing. This is a current slang meaning of 'hot'. It is not in our dictionary.

    The other possibility is that he is very popular right now. This one of the meanings of hot in our dictionary:

    3 informal currently popular, fashionable, or very interesting: the hottest club in town.

    Off course, with more context, I might find that neither of these is correct.


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    Thank you, Cagey. The context was a discussion about an actor (why do fans like him?), so the first option you mentioned seems to be right :)


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    Just as a side note, in other contexts it can mean that the person is angry. That doesn't seem to fit the context but it might be worth mentioning in case you get an unexpected reaction after using the expression.


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    It can also mean that his temperature is high: either his medical temperature, or that he is in a hot place and is therefore himself hot. I doubt that either of these fits the context, but I wanted to add the literal meaning of "hot" to the set of possible meanings of this word in describing a person.
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