a <hot> Rolex


Money is illegally selling stolen goods and the buyer gives him less money than he expected.
MONEY: There's a fucking Rolex in there, bro.
BUYER: And what do you think, I'm going to put it up for auction at Sotheby's? Do you know how much people on the street pay for a hot Rolex? You want money? Then steal money.
Don't Breathe, movie

"Hot", it must be some slang here, but I don't know what exactly it means.
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    "hot" is slang for "stolen" ... at least in AE:)

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    hot /hɒt/adj (hotter, hottest)
    1. having a relatively high temperature
    2. having a temperature higher than desirable
    3. causing or having a sensation of bodily heat
    4. causing a burning sensation on the tongue: hot mustard, a hot curry
    5. expressing or feeling intense emotion, such as embarrassment, anger, or lust
    6. intense or vehement
    7. recent; fresh; new: a hot trial, hot from the press
    8. (of a ball) thrown or struck hard, and so difficult to respond to
    9. much favoured or approved: a hot tip, a hot favourite
    10. informal having a dangerously high level of radioactivity
    11. slang (of goods or money) stolen, smuggled, or otherwise illegally obtained