A house is not a home

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  1. Xavier61 Senior Member

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    Всем привет. How to translate into Russianthe title of the song (and film) "a house is not a home"?.
    Context: There is this program on the radio where the conductor introduces us some Classical American songs. She usually translates the titles ( I got you under my skin = ты у меня под кожей), but she didn't translate "a house is not a home". Did she just forget, or it is a hard to translate expression?
    Спасибо заранее
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  2. HotIcyDonut Senior Member

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    No idea why the line is omitted. It's easy to translate actually in a lot of ways, e.g.:

    Просто дом не значит родной дом


    Жилище ещё не отчий дом


    Обитель не синоним родным пенатам/родных пенатов


    Пристанище не есть домашний очаг

    There's a crapload of options to say what you want to say.
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  3. Rosett

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    You may want to try something like this: "(Когда )дом (не) становится домом".
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  4. Vadim K Senior Member

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    En este caso particular le ofreciéra traducir el título de la canción como "Дом ещё не родина".
  5. hardsign New Member

    It's difficult to directly translate this sentence because the word "дом" means both "building" and "homeplace". So you may replace the original song title by an aforizm like "home is not a building but the place for your heart", "дом не там, где стены, а там, где сердце" :)
  6. kwak22 Member

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    Yes, it's hard to translate because the Russian “дом” stands for both “home” and “house” equally. The simplest I can get (without inventing anything that's not present in the original title) is “дом — это не только здание”. But this one is, too, inferior to the original, too thoughtful. So why not leave the original, it's perfectly understandable.
  7. Learning55 New Member

    Есть дом, а есть домашний дом. :)
  8. Vovan Senior Member

    My suggestion:
    Крыша над головой (ещё) не дом родной. (For the title of a song, I would omit "еще".)
  9. GCRaistlin

    GCRaistlin Senior Member

    The shorter the better: Дом там, где сердце

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