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The sentence in question:

"If you are used to working with HTML files, for example, check that you have not saved your script with a .html extension".

If it is a specific extension (.html) why is "a" used in here? It seems that "the" should be used in this case. Am I off base again? :)
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    I'm not a grammar expert but to me "an" seems more appropriate. If you found this on the internet somewhere it possibly a gramatical error but not one thats very noticible. like how most english speakes say "i am good" where in fact it should be "i am well"

    i wouldn't worry too much about it


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    I suppose you could use 'the' if you were thinking of html extensions as a type of extension as opposed to .doc, .pdf, .docx etc. etc.

    Here, though, the speaker means 'make sure you haven't used an .html extension on your specific document' - that is, there exist millions of .html extensions on documents, yours is just one of these extensions.


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    I read this as "a dot html extension", making "a" appropriate. Perhaps that's just me.

    Other than that, I think Gwan has hit the nail on the head about why "a/an" works rather than "the".
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