a hug of pants in its arms


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What does a hug of pants mean in this context ?

The thing that was Paul roars, stumbles backward with a hug of pants in its arms, and trips over the chair in which a handsome young fellow sat down an hour previous to map Cartesian coordinates.

Source: Lisey's Story by Stephen King

In this scene, Paul goes mad and attacks his younger brother Scott who holds to the banister on the stairway. Paul curls his hand around Scott's shin and yank his pants and sneakers.

What would be a synonym for a hug in this case ? And why its <italicised here for highlight> arms and not his arms ?

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    Some context from an earlier sentence helps explain the scene.

    "…(I)nstead of getting Scott, what Paul gets are Scott's corduroy pants and both sneakers, which he forgot to tie when he jumped down off his bed."

    Paul, or the thing he's become, has his (its) arms full of Scott's pants. (Just to be clear, "its" is not italicized in the original.)


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    Thank you. I corrected my initial posting in relation to its.
    is the usage of hug as in this context common ?
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