a huge asset

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    Hallo modestmouse :)

    In welchem Zusammenhang steht der Satz denn? Könntest Du bitte den Kontext dazu angeben?


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    Kein Problem :)

    "The message doesn't seem to have filtered back down into the schools that modern languages are a huge asset."

    Ich übersetze es als:

    "Ein großes Kapital sind moderne Sprachen, aber es sieht so aus, dass diese Nachricht in die Schulen nicht durchgesickert hat"



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    To translate an "asset" like used here always is quite difficult in German (I've struggled with that word too, on several occasions :)) - there isn't a perfect 1:1 translation, one has to decide by context which word or phrase to choose in German.

    A possibility is (somewhat clumsy, but the best I could come up with right now):*)
    "Es ist anscheinend noch nicht durchgedrungen, dass Sprachkenntnisse eine enorm/sehr wichtige Zusatzqualifikation sind/darstellen."

    To add "modern - moderne" here isn't quite necessary, in the appropriate context it would be clear that this is about modern languages rather than extinct ones.

    *) Note - those wouldn't work if the assets were e. g. shares or bonds: as said, translation here depends hugely on context.
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