a huge sell for me

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" I grew up spending a lot of time on a lake, so Northwestern’s immediate proximity to Lake Michigan was a huge sell for me."
From "Jim: Lakefill at Sunset/Sunrise"

According to Longman Dictionary:
a hard/tough sell(also not an easy sell) something that it is difficult to persuade people to buy or accept

What does "huge sell" mean? Does it mean that it is easy to persuade me?
  • dojibear

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    This expression sounds odd to me. I would expect "was a huge selling point for me". That would mean "a very important reason for me to buy".

    I think that is what he means by "a huge sell". It was an important reason for him to decide to go to Northwestern.


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    Yes, it's unusual enough that I think I would almost call it slang. Maybe even personal slang on his part (but easy to see where it came from). He considered it a huge selling point (a favorable factor) when weighing the decision of whether to go to Northwestern or a different college.
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