a-i veni cuiva de hac

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    I found an old saying "To find a needle for the devil's skin" The translation of Romanian is a-i veni cuiva de hac. But I don't understand what's the meaning of this proverb. Could someone help me please? Thanks in advance.
  2. Reef Archer Senior Member

    "To find a needle for the devil's skin" seems to be a Japanese thing, so you would be the one to explain it to us, Onmyouji!

    I see there are eight exact references about it on the entire internet; that doesn't make it very legit, does it?

    However, it kind of makes sense.
    According to the Japanese story, the needle-sword was a weapon good enough to defeat the devil (even though, it never technically penetrated the devil's skin). So the moral is, with the right skill, even a little one-inch man, even a sword the size of a needle, could defeat an almighty devil.
    In Romanian, hac was originally some sort of nail they used to beat into the soles of the shoes in order to prevent people from slipping on ice (see sense 2). So it was a little trick that fixed something serious. The expression „a veni de hac” indicates any modality through which one overcomes obstacles, neutralizes opponents' plans and so on.

    To be honest, I always [wrongfully] thought „a veni cuiva de hac” meant to kill, to whack somebody. Probably because of the verb „a hăcui”.
    There is another Romanian saying that would better fit the Japanese one: „a găsi ac de cojocul cuiva”. Look that one up ;)
  3. Onmyouji

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    Thank you very much Reef Archer. So is the same meaning as 鬼に金棒(Onini Kanabou) Means "Makes double sure" If you're strong, you need to make sure to put some extra armor, so you can be invincible. Literal translation means "A Demon equipped with a metal rod" This proverb is very popular in Japanese Folklore. From the story 桃太郎 (Momotaroh) or Little one Inch. I'll investigate a găsi ac de cojocul cuiva meaning. Multumesc.

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