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Miley Cyrus once tweeted: "Nipples are where titties go wrong."
I don't quite get it. What does that mean?
(Is it appropriate to use words like "titties" in this forum? If not, please tell me. I will replace it with other words.)
  • PaulQ

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    "Nipples are where titties go wrong." = "Nipples are a strange end-point for breasts to have." or "Breasts are fine right up to the nipples, and then there seems to be something wrong with them." (Ms Cyrus seems to have a poor grasp of mammalian biology.)


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    It's appropriate to use any word that is in a quote (here, a tweet). I confess I'm not sure what it means; maybe (just a wild guess) something like "nipples are the most sensitive parts of titties, so when they're stimulated is when things start to get out of...hand"?


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    It means nipples are where breasts go wrong, but apart from that I haven't the faintest idea why Miley Cyrus thinks nipples are a problem. After all, a breast with no nipple is a fat lot of use to a baby.
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