a jelly fold-over


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‘Only take a minute to make some fresh and hot,’ George said, reaching for the bread.
‘Nope, cold will be fine,’ I said, and when he handed me a couple of slices (looking mystified –actually both of them looked mystified), I hurried out the door, feeling like the boy I once was, skipping school to go fishing with a jelly fold-over wrapped in waxed paper slipped into the front of my shirt.
Source: The Green Mile by Stephen King

What is a jelly fold-over?

Thank you.
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    Thank you. Will you then call a wrap be folded-over sandwich? I surmise folder-over is not a common term for a rolled over sandwich as I found no fold-over reference in COCA(Corpus of Contemporary American English).


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    Have you found any of these odd Stephen King references in COCA? Probably not many.
    He is referring to a "half-sandwich" made from a slice of bread from a loaf. A wrap is usually made from a flat bread such as a tortilla, a pita, a naan which has been completely wrapped around the filling.
    A slice of bread that has been folded over to form a sandwich.

    A wrap
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