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Hello guys,

When people post jobs online or on newspapers, what is the name for that: a job ad, a job posting? Thank you very much for your help :)
  • nazimou11

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    arabic, french
    Hi Andy,

    Here is my sentence:" I found your job ad/posting on career.com and I am highly intrested...."


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    "I found your job advertisement on career.com and I am highly very interested...." "ad" is too informal for this situation; posting is not used.


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    I went to career.com to see what they call their ____s. They call them listings.

    You could also use a verb: "I saw your job listed at career.com, and ..."

    In newspapers these are advertisements.

    I think that "posting" is normally used within a company. They post new job openings so that current employees can apply for more advanced jobs within the company. Formerly this was done on a bulletin board (the cork kind); now surely it's on the company's internal web site.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.
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