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    I've come across what I think is a Romanian joke. Please can someone translate it and also give me their opinion on whether it would be considered funny in Romania. Also is this a popular joke that has been around for years?

    La povesti cu Dumnezeu:
    - Doamne, cat inseamna pentru tine o un milion de ani?
    - O secunda!
    - Dar un milion de dolari?
    - Un cent!
    - Atunci, nu-mi dai si mie un cent?
    - Asteapta doar o secunda!...
  2. simona02 Member

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    Talking to God:
    - God, how much is for you one milion years?
    - It's a second.
    - And a milion dollars?
    - It's a cent!
    - Then, could you give me a cent?
    - Sure, just wait a second.

    (sorry, English is my 4th language, it might not be that correct :) . )
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    It was perfect Simona02! :)

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    Mulţumesc, îmi place foarte mult.

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